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Born in Bordeaux in 1962, Vincent de Monpezat lives and works in Brest.
After a career in the creation of store design, he has been practicing sculpture for twenty years.
In 2015, as part of the regional cultural 1%, he created a sculpture, The runner for the Garo sports hall in Milizac in Finistère.
Present for 5 years at the Réalités Nouvelles fair in Paris, he won the Artension prize in 2017 by presenting the kinetic tetrapods.
Represented by the Le Comoedia gallery in Brest since 2019, his works have been acquired by numerous private collectors.


2017 / Cultural Center, Bouliac
2012 / Brest Business School, Brest 
2011 / The Twelve Gallery, Nantes
2010 / Hugues Pénot Gallery, La Baule


2023 /Garden of Arts Edition 2023 , les entrepreneurs Mécènes, Chateaubourg, France

          Black and Colors, Le Comoedia Gallery, Brest

2022 / Elements part 1 and 2, Le Comoedia Gallery, Brest

          Out of the blue, Mister Freeze, Toulouse
          Salon Réalités Nouvelles, Paris
          Nouvelle vague Bretonne, Galerie The Comoedia, Brest
2021 / New Pop, Le Comoedia Gallery, Brest
          Salon Réalités Nouvelles, Paris
          Urban Contemporary art &Graffiti, Mister Freeze, Montauban
          Visions d'Afrique, The Comoedia Gallery, Brest
2020 / Urban Art, Le Comoedia Gallery, Brest
          Accordances, Maison prébandale, Saint-Pol-de-Leon
2019 / “Sculpted Colors” Le Comoedia Gallery, Brest
          Salon Réalités Nouvelles, Paris
          Biennale Internationale d'Art No Objective, Pont de Claix
          Sculptures-Matières, Galerie The Comoedia, Brest
2018 / New Realities Fair, Paris
2017 / New Realities Fair, Paris
          Galerie L'affiche, Nantes 
2016 / Autumn Fair, Paris
2015 / Heritage Day, Thomery 
          Salon d'Automne, Paris
2010 / The Twelve Gallery, Nantes
2009 / Gallery   Girls' schools, Françoise LIVINEC, Huelgoat


2015 / Order as part of the regional cultural 1%, sculpture The runner, salle 
          omnisport du Garo, Milizac


2017 / Artension Prize, Réalités Nouvelles show. 

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